Weight Loss Diaries: WEEK 4



Now it seems like the weeks are flying by.

This is going to be a really short post. A really short post.

I forgot to take pictures. That’s ok, because you didn’t miss much.

And to be honest, it wasn’t a terrible week, but it wasn’t anything amazing . . . which would probably explain my results for this week.

Here are my results:

Starting weight —— 183.2 lbs

WEEK 1 ——178.9 lbs         Down: 4.3 lbs              Total: 4.3 lbs

WEEK 2 —— 178.0 lbs        Down: 0.9 lbs             Total: 5.2 lbs

WEEK 3 —- 177.0 lbs         Down: 1.1 lbs               Total: 6.3 lbs

WEEK 4 —- 176.8 lbs        Down: 0.2 lbs              Total: 6.5 lbs


Not a major loss, but a loss nonetheless, and I’ll take any victory that comes my way.

Stay tuned for next week’s check-in.  Thanks for sticking with me so far. I promise there will be pictures next week.

May you all have a good week.

The Weight Loss Diaries: WEEK 2



I’m baaaaaaack!!!

Phew. I made it through another week.



The week started out great. Me eating healthy and what not. I bought some low carb wraps and have been eating a lot of those. Strawberries are one of my favorite foods. I can eat those for days.


So I began to get a little lax by Sunday. I figured I did really good last week, I can afford some naughty food. In my defense, that canolli wasn’t mine, but I did have a bite of it, along with few bites of the macaroon I had. Between my crazy work schedule this week, which didn’t allow me any time at all to exercise, and the activities I was helping my kids out with, and not eating as many salads as I did before, I knew this week wasn’t going to be as good as last.


Before weighing myself this morning, I happened to see a quote on good ole’ pinterest. The quote said:


That kind of spoke volumes to me. I don’t know how many times I’ve started up my dieting and exercising. Just from reading my blog, you know that it’s been many times. I thank you for not being sick of me.

WHAT I LEARNED: If you’ve had a bad week, learn from it and move on. It’s so easy to get discouraged and give up. My advice —— DON”T!!  You can do it . . . . . . and eat more salads ; )


So here are my stats for this week:


Starting weight —— 183.2 lbs

WEEK 1 ————— 178.9 lbs         Down: 4.3 lbs                  Total: 4.3 lbs

WEEK 2 ————— 178.0 lbs        Down: 0.9 lbs                  Total: 5.2 lbs



Keep on going!!



The Weight Loss Diaries: Week 1

The first time I wrote this post, it was kind of long. Maybe it’s good that I accidently deleted it. I’ve decided this second time around I’m gonna keep this short and to the point, or at least try to.

So here it is:



To be 150 LBS. – that’s going to roughly be about 33 pounds.


BY MY BIRTHDAY – NOVEMBER 21ST, 2013, that’s in roughly about 3 months.

METHOD: I figured out that for my height and current weight, if I consume around 1500 calories a day, I should lose about 2 lbs a week, which is just plain rough.

My goal is to also exercise 3 times a week. I plan to do running, mixed with weights.


This first week was honestly not too bad. I tried to change some the foods that I ate – salads are becoming a staple.


I have really had to make a conscious effort to eat more fruit in my diet.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can eat cereal like it’s going out of style. I have done much better this past week in eating only one bowl of cereal when I do have it. Some mornings I had oatmeal, and some were just yogurt.  I did poorly with working out, only running for 22 minutes this week. On the day that I did run, I found I should have loaded up more on my protein at breakfast, to avoid the headache I got later in the day.

LESSON LEARNED FROM WEEK 1: Write everything down. When you go back and see what you ate, you will realize where your problem areas are. This past week, it’s been my snacking. I tend to snack too much and on things that are high in calorie . . . dang cookie-brownies.

So here’s my progress from WEEK 1:

Starting weight —– 183.2 lbs

WEEK 1 ————— 178.9 lbs

Week1: Down 4.3 lbs                        Total: 4.3 lbs

Not a bad start.



Throwing In The Towel.

So I was in the lead in the weight loss competition at work.

The next week, I found out I was second.

The week after, I was third.

With family visits, emergency trips to the ER, work  and Easter, I figured I should probably just throw in the towel and call it a day.

I did it for a week and a half. Tried to eat right, but not fully committed to the cause, I gained back a pound . . . maybe two. I’m not sure because I haven’t stepped on the scale to face the truth.

This morning, my competitive side kicked in. I pulled up my big girl pants, and am going to try salvage my week. I’ve been doing great with getting up and running. I’ve appreciated all the cheers from those of you have seen me on the side of the road panting for my life. I’ve had a few things that have helped me stick to my goals. I’ll write about my secret weapon on another day.


For now, I’m hanging onto that proverbial towel, even if I don’t win. Not sure what will happen but I’m going to keep at it!!

Changing it up!

So, my weight has been going up and down like a yo-yo. The good thing is that I know exactly why. The bad thing is that I know exactly why.

It’s me. It’s all me. I’m the one who determines where this weight is gonna go. And, although my mind wants it to go down, my mouth doesn’t seem to getting the memo.

I’ve decided to change things up a bit, hoping that will get me moving in the right direction.

First off, I got a hold of some fabulously, slightly obnoxious hot pink running shoes. My husband says they are a little “loud”. Good. The louder the better.  Because of these shoes, I swear I’m lighter on my feet. I haven’t been able to figure out yet how to get them to take me for a 3 mile run without stopping yet. Getting there though.

A change in my routine was needed. Running has mainly what I’ve been doing for my form of cardio. After a while, I was getting tired of the cows on the bike path watching me slow-pace it back to my car. So embarrassing. I woke up one morning and jumped on my spin bike.

See the shoes —– the make me go faster. Really, the do.

See the sweat all over my forehead. So gross, I know, but I wanted to share the magic of change.

Stoof on the scale that week, and dropped it like it was hot! 2 pounds gone baby.