The Tsunami Made Me

About a couple of hours into my shift at the hospital, I received word that a horrific earthquake had hit Japan, causing massive devastation. Living in Hawaii, you know to hurry and get prepared. Earthquake almost always means tsunami for us. Last night was one of those times. While it was a long night of anticipation, by the morning I felt very grateful for how the night went. The Tsunami scare made me thankful for many things:

1. Hills. Because of the hills, I did not worry while I was at work whether or not my family was ok, because we live on the top of one.


2. The staff at work. Because of them, our little hospital was so ready for the potential disaster that was headed our way.

3. Tuna sandwiches. You work up an appetite when you’re running on adrenalin. They taste really good when you’re hungry.

4. The warning sirens. They are scary to hear, but at least everyone knew to be ready.

5. The local news reporters. They stayed up all night with us to give us the latest. That was so nice of them.

6. Our state government. They did their best to make sure our state was safe.

7. Facebook, twitter, and email. I was able to let friends and family know all at once that I was okay.

8. Facebook, twitter, and email. It let my friends and family tell me all at once that they were glad that I was okay.

9. Hot chocolate. It was what I needed by morning.

10. The end of my shift, because I could go home and hug my family, because we were all okay.

While I’m thankful that Hawaii escaped much devastation, we are deeply saddened by the tragedy that has hit Japan. Our thoughts and prayers are for family, friends and the people of Japan.