Ornament Christmas Wreath

Did you notice a theme yet for this Christmas season. Ornaments seem to be my thing I guess. I’ve seen different versions of these on Pinterest (of course), and I had to try it. It looked simple enough for this novice crafter to do.

I neglected to take a picture of all of the materials I used, but here’s the list:

1) gluegun and LOTS of gluesticks.

2) styrofoam circular tube (wreath-shaped). I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.

3) unbreakable ornaments from Walmart. I bought one package of 40 regular sized ornaments and 1 package of 20 small ornaments.

4) 2 feet of tinsel.

5) Nice big wired Christmas ribbon.

Before starting, you will need to take the tops off the ornaments, you know that part where you put the hooks on to hang on the tree. They come off quite easily.

 This was my first attempt. The directions I had said to just randomly place and glue your ornaments to the styrofoam wreath, and ta-da! It was a “FAIL” for me, doing it this way. I’m kind of a systematic person. I needed a little order in doing this project.

 I started at the top. The package of ornaments I had bought had different textured ornaments in it. So I began glueing them to the top part in a pattern . . . shiny, matte, glitter, shiny, matte, glitter . . . you get the point. Unfortunately, you don’t end up with a perfect circle by the end. You will have a space that will not be big enough to put in an ornament to make a perfect, complete circle. But life isn’t perfect is it. Christmas wreath life lesson #1. That’s ok. Just leave the space, we’ll deal with it later.

After doing the top, I glued ornaments on the outside of the first row of ornaments and also on the inside part of the wreath. Along with glueing the ornament to the styrofoam, glue the ornaments to each other. It sticks better and will hold it in place pretty good.

I then added the smaller ornaments to whatever spaces I saw. After you glue all the little ones, you will still have left over spaces. Let’s deal with the big one first at the top.  I fixed that by putting a ribbon on. FIrst I wrapped a little bit of the ribbon around the styrofoam and then tied it so that I could hang it on my door hook. Then I youtubed instructions on how to make a big fancy bow to fill that space.

Now for the little spaces.

Cue the tinsel.

I cut little tufts of tinsel, added some glue and tucked them into these little spaces. It helped fill all those little annoying spaces that you could see the styrofoam from. Just remember to trim the tinsel when you’re done.

One homemade Christmas wreath. Not bad for a crafting novice. I’m one of those that start and don’t finish crafting projects. With that said, if I can do it, so can you!!


Merry Christmas!!!

TBC : )

An Ornament Tradition

I know its so cliche to say, but I’ve gotta say it —- Christmas is my favorite time of year. Maybe because it’s everyone else’s favorite time of the year, we can’t help but have warm fuzzy feelings for everything and everyone. One of the big things that give me warm fuzzies is when I get to traditions with my family. I LOVE traditions around any holiday, but especially Christmas. And like all I ideas I get inspired with, it always happens after the holiday is over and done with, so needless to say, I have been waiting over a year to make this happen.

I realize that this is not an original idea, but I wanted to share anyway. After decorating my tree year after year with the cheap traditional (in our house) Walmart ornaments, ( you know the ones . . .  the unbreakables), I thought our tree needed a little more to it.

I thought it would be fun to start a personal Christmas ornament collection for each of us in our family. My family humored me and this year was the start of this Christmas tradition. We all jumped in the our van and headed to the local Target, you know, cause we wanted to keep things upscale ; ) That’s just how we roll.

Each person, including our two year old little coconut was able to pick out an ornament. Things are a little tight this year, so we did have a budget. I was informed all night that the cool ornaments cost more than $4. Cue the eye rolling.

Even though this year, we only have 7 (if the two year old’s ornament makes it through this holiday season), added to our generic ornaments adorning our tree, they have given our tree some personality.

After the holidays, I plan to pack away the ornaments in everyone’s own container. I will try and find a non-conspicuous spot on each ornament to write down the year. I think when the kids are older, they will get a kick out of seeing what ornament was purchased when they were 6 or 15. I do realize I have child who is already 15. I may let her buy more than one each year.

The goal is to do this every year, and have a collection of their own by the time each child graduates and moves on to be on their own. They’ll have there own collection to start with. My little Christmas gift to them to start with.

What are some traditions you have started with your own family this year?


Did you know I moved? Don’t worry, I instragrammed it.

I’ve been away for a while. Life has been extra busy here in my home. My husband and I did something crazy and moved our family. I’m no longer in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Moving has been quite the ordeal. It took us 3 months of planning, purging, and packing to get us on our way. Luckily, I’ve jumped on the instagram bandwagon and tried as much as possible to document our move.

Our family has moved many times, so I’ve developed a talent for packing. I have to say that this was the most challenging, but you know me, I never back down from a challenge. By the morning of our flight, I had 14 bags packed and 10 carry-ons ready to go, we were on our way.

Along with the exhaustion of packing, emotions ran high with saying good-byes to wonderful and dear friends and family. Hawaii has been a wonderful place, where my kids learned to love where they are from and who they are.

Hawaii will always be our home.

Where have we taken our family?


Back to the desert. I know, it’s crazy. I think living away from Hawaii, causes us though to have more pride and appreciation in where we are from. We are always asked to share our talents that are unique to the islands when we are on the mainland. In fact, my daughter and I are performing for a luau during the Christmas season. Good times.

Hawaii will still be a part of this blog. Especially now that I’m an island girl in the desert.

Primary Program Review 2012

It’s that time of year again, when we’re singing this year’s primary program songs over and over again. So every year, with my primary, we have a little party that they kids earn for practicing so hard. One year it was a pizza party, the next year a sundae party, and last year was a cupcake party. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do this year for the kids, so I let them vote. I wrote on the board their three choices labelling them A – Sundae Party, B – Cupcake Party, & C – Pizza Party.  They all wrote their choice  by putting either letter A, B, or C on a paper. I then took it home and counted the votes.

Not surprising, the majority chose to have a pizza party. So I went back the next week to primary and announced that the votes were counted but if they wanted to even know what the party was, they had to pass off all their songs. This is how they are going to pass off their songs. On one side of a big poster board, I put a pizza.

On the other side, I put all the songs on that they have to pass off. Then I cut up the board. Every time they pass off the song, they earn a puzzle piece. Once all the puzzles pieces are earned, I will tape the puzzle together, then flip it over to reveal what kind of party they earned. The kids seemed pretty excited about the whole idea of the party being a mystery.

What are some review ideas are you doing in your primary?


CHEAP and FUN things to do in Hawaii (Part II)

It’s another week, and with that, I’ve brought  you another 5 things you can do while you visit Hawaii. I should clarify, that these things are specifically for the island of O’ahu. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Rent a STAND UP PADDLE BOARD (SUPD) and practice at Waimea Bay. Please be aware that this is strictly a summertime activity. In the wintertime, the waves are mundo huge and two things will happen if you try to SUPB. One—- you will die. Second —— you will die.  Glad I cleared that up for you. During the summer, Waimea is like a glass lake. The bay will be calm, which is perfect for SUPB, and I can almost guarantee that you will come across dolphins and sea turtles.

One more thing to clarify, that is NOT me on the board.

2. Visit Kualoa Ranch, famous site of movie and TV shootings including Lost and Jurassic Park. They have a few activities there that won’t break the bank, including horse back riding and a visit to Secret Beach that itself is filled with many activities, including SUPB.

If you opt for the visit to Secret Beach, the people at Kualoa Ranch take you on a boat to get there.

3.   Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has a hidden Japanese Temple called Byodo-In Temple. It’s a great site to see, very mystical. This location has been featured in famous TV shows such as Magnum P.I., as well as a quick scene in the movie Pearl Harbor. It really is a quite a beautiful place, with peacock walking around and the ponds are filled with carp. The entry fee is very inexpensive, between $2-$3 per person, depending whether you are a child or an adult.

My only caution would be to wear long pants. There are some areas of the grounds that have lots of mosquitoes.

4. On your circle island tour of O’ahu, make sure to stop at Turtle Beach to catch the sea turtles sun bathing. It’s fun to see, especially when there’s more than one of them. Often times, when you are at the beach, if you are watching carefully from shore, you can see them come up for air out in the water.

Just be aware though, that the sea turtles are a protected species. It is against the law to even touch them. Most times there are volunteers at the beach that put markers around the turtles, so that people keep their distance.

5.   Visit the Mighty Mo!! Your kids, as well as yourself will love exploring this battleship from WW II. The Mighty Mo isn’t just any battleship. It is the site where WW II ended. There are tour guides that will take you to different parts of the ship, explaining the history behind it all. It is magnificent to see and hear the stories.

Check out the guns on this ship. Awesome!

There are more places to show . . . stay tuned.