I Can Be A Missionary Now

I was racking my brain on how to do this week’s theme: I CAN BE A MISSIONARY NOW. I came across this idea presentation on Pergler’s Primary Page. I thought it was such a well thought out presentation. My plan was to use it for this Sunday. That’s still my plan. While thinking about what I needed to prepare, I was inspired looking at a shoebox. That’s how you can tell I’m a Primary Chorister. Shoe boxes inspire me. This idea is the 3-D version of Darcee’s awesome idea. Let’s take a closer look at my door of opportunity.

I just covered the shoe box with paper and drew my door. The door is the lid for the shoe box. I found the perfect screw to use for the door knob. I wanted the kids to be able to pull the door open. It will be explained to the kids that even though they aren’t missionaries now with a name tag, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be missionaries now. Missionaries knock on doors to find opportunities to share the gospel. We don’t knock on doors to find opportunities, but there are other times when the door opens to share the gospel.

My plan is to call on a child to come up and open the door to see what opportunity is behind it. I plan to record a knock and a door bell and play it when they open the door.

I cut out these pictures from The Friend to represent opportunities that the kids will find when they open the door. Here’s what each of them represent:

1) PRAYING FOR OPPORTUNITIES – I will tell the kids that they can pray for missionary opportunities. Heavenly Father will help us find people to share the gospel with. The song they will sing for that will be “Praise to the Man”.

2) SHARING A BOOK OF MORMON – Have you ever shared a Book Of Mormon? I will explain to the kids that sharing a Book of Mormon is a great opportunity to share the gospel. They can share stories as well with their friends from the Book of Mormon. I will have them sing “Nephi’s Courage”.

3) BEARING YOUR TESTIMONY – Bearing your testimony on Fast Sunday is a way to share the gospel with others that may be visiting the ward. The kids will sing “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ”.

4) INVITING FRIENDS TO ACTIVITY DAYS/CUB SCOUTS – Inviting friends is a way to share the gospel and have fun. The perfect song for this is “Our Door is Always Open”.

5) BEING A FRIEND EVEN THOUGH SOMEONE MAY NOT LIKE YOU – Explain to the kids that when they come across kids that are not nice, that’s an opportunity to be an example. Always be a friend. Have the kids sing “Kindness Begins With Me”.

6) ALWAYS TRY TO BE LIKE THE SAVIOR – Explain to the children that when they always do what the Savior would want them to do, they will be an example to others, which is a great way to have others be interested in the church. “If I Listen With My Heart”.

I put slit in the back to slide the pictures into the box.

My plan is to hopefully be sneaky and slide in the next picture while they sing.

This is what the kids will see when they open the door.

I’m so excited to show this to the kids tomorrow. My goal is to help them see the missionary opportunities that are all around them. Sorry this is so last minute, but if you’re up at the 11th hour (like I usually am), hopefully this will help you.

Praise to the Man – 3rd Verse

Ok. So here’s the follow up for “Praise to the Man”. For the 3rd verse, I went back to the same website Teaching LDS Children to print the pictures that she used. I did not however, follow her teaching plan with them. What I did was I started out with the 1st page  and had the kids say the words. Then I had them sing it.

I posted the words on the board, along with the pictures that were provided. I called on children, to find pictures that would help us memorize this first set of words.

These are the pictures I chose to use for these words. It’s up to you what pictures you think would help the kids. The kids enjoyed coming up and deciding what pictures would be the best. Then I had the kids sing  just these words a couple times with the pictures.

Then I repeated the whole thing with each page of words.

I had the kids sing the whole verse a couple of times with the pictures covering the words.

After the kids seemed pretty confident, I took away the words and only had the pictures. I had them sing it through a couple of times and they did pretty well. Tomorrow will be the final run through of this song. I plan to bring the pictures only, scramble them and see if the kids can put them in order.

Books of the Book of Mormon

Here’s a song that is always fun to sing in primary. I had the idea to make my own golden plates. It was a fairly simple project.

I just used what I had. I am usually forced to because the ideas come to me at 10pm on a Sunday night and the nearest Walmart is 45 mins away. I grabbed the manilla file folders I had and spray painted them gold and let them air dry. Why I have gold spray paint on hand, I’m not sure. I’ll get back to you when I figure that out.

I printed out the words for the song. I took my pictures out of the new gospel art book that they have. I know “gasp“. The book itself only costs $3, so I have 5 of them just for this reason. A girl with no color printer has to do what she’s gotta do. I selected pictures that came from that book in the Book of Mormon. I’m going to be honest when I say that I didn’t realize that the story of the Sons of Helaman came from the Book of Alma. Who knew. I thought it came from the Book of Helaman. Makes sense right? Shows what I knew. Now I know.

To finish putting the book together. I punched holes and bound it with gold pipe cleaners that I had on hand.

When we sing, I turn the pages as we sing so those who don’t know the words can sing along, and they can see some of the stories and where in the Book of Mormon they come from, that way they don’t grow up misinformed like me.

Match & Guess – Two Games in One

This is a game that I like to use for review, or just for a fun music game day. My primary kids love it and it will usually last a couple of Sundays.

These are cards from last year’s program songs. I used black cardstock paper. The size is the regular 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I found clipart that would best describe the song. I don’t have a color printer, so I just make do by coloring in the pictures. BTW, all the pictures are from Sugardoodle. Sometimes I have my kids help. They love that.

I just arrange them on the board like so. The kids then start picking a card and try to find it’s match.

When the kids find a match, they have to guess what the song is by looking at the picture.This one’s “Did Jesus Really Live Again”.

Can you guess what this one is? Yay. You got it. “The 4th Article of Faith”.

One more . . . yup. You’re right. “The Holy Ghost”.

I picked the black cardstock so that I could make more song pictures through out the year with every song they learn. I’m a little behind at the moment and have not started on the songs for this year. As soon as I do, I’ll post them on here if you need an idea.