Adding More Fun to Everyday Photography – Olloclip Lens

Ever since I knew that lenses for your camera phone existed, I have always wanted to get one. I had been eyeing one for a while. It had been a long while, so much so that I forgot about them, until my birthday last year.


My hubby went galavanting all over the mall, with 5 kids in tow, mind you, looking for this little device to get me for my birthday. When I opened my gift and saw what it was, I was very surprised. Good job honey. Caught me totally off guard with that gift. I was so exicted to use it.


Now, the only bummer, is that you have to take your case off your phone in order to use it. This particular lense, Olloclip, is for the iPhone.


Here’s how it works. On the left you have 2 lenses. When you put the lens over the phone lens and take off the cover, it is already to go for WIDE-ANGLE. To use the MACRO feature, there is an arrow on the rim of the lens that show you which direction to turn the lens to use it. Careful though, if you turn it and the lens comes off, you know you’ve turned it too much. Just a good quarter turn should do it. For the FISH-EYE, just turn the lens over, take off the cover and it’s ready to go.


Putting it over the camera lens on the phone is pretty easy. Just slide it on.


See how easy.


I am holding the phone backwards, but this is how it looks, ready to go.

Below, I shared some examples of using the different lenses.



Used this while at the park. Maybe next time I’ll take a picture without the lens so you can see the difference.


 My kids love playing with the FISH-EYE. It’s a favorite and gets used a lot.


I love MACRO shots. They are fun for when you want to tell a story with your picture. So if you love photography, or just plain love using your iPhone camera, or you’re an Instagram  addict enthusiast like I am, kick it up a notch with this fun toy. Send your hubby, son, daughter, dog, or whomever else you can think of, a link to this post if they aren’t sure what to get you this Mother’s Day.


Day 6: Dinner

Chicken Soft Tacos was dinner tonight. Please don’t look at my dirty crock pot. . . I know you’re looking.


Practicing at the Zoo

I don’t know if it’s inherent that when you become a blogger,that you gain an interest in photography, but ever since I’ve started this website, my fascination with it has grown. I think a photographic gene becomes spliced into your DNA, because all of sudden, I find myself moving away from the kitchen table to photograph things that move. When we decided to visit the zoo, I was so excited for several reasons:

1. My baby coconut had never been, and knew that the animal kingdom was going to blow his mind.

2. It was going to be great family bonding time. We love to bond, because being in our 1068 square foot house doesn’t give us enough bonding time.

3. I was going to get a lot of up, close and personal time with my zoom lens.

First stop was at the Keiki Zoo (children’s zoo), which is where we found this guy.  As soon as he saw the camera, he got himself into position. Such a professional. I went right up to the glass to snap this shot.

I focused more on the giraffe, blurring my kids.

I tried take shots of  interesting poses.

Monkeys hold a special place in my heart, seeing as I birthed 5 of my own. This little guy was behind a chain-linked fence. I zoomed in with my lens as close as possible. When I did this, the fence disappeared.

Aaaah, the sunbathing gharials. My daughter (who loves photography), took this shot.

The turtles were all lined up. I tried to get them all in the shot focusing on the one in the middle.

More reptiles. I just wanted to hand this guy a bottle of lotion. My kids wouldn’t let me. This dude was behind a glass and again I got as close as I could and zoomed in.

My son was quite fascinated with all these creatures. I tried to get low to their level to get this picture.

Don’t you just want to lay your head down this sweet thing? Sooooo fluffy! (What movie is that line from?). This is one of my favorites from the day (besides the 208) shots of my children I took. I just zoomed in as close as I could with my lens.

The turtles were having a race. This guy was in the lead. Action shots are always great. I switched my camera to shutter priority and cranked it up to 1/1600 so there wouldn’t be a blur . . . . totally kidding. I just zoomed in as close as possible, filling the frame.


This visit was a great practice session for me. Here are the things I’ve learned so far about taking pictures from reading various photography websites and practicing what I’ve learned:

1) TURN OFF YOUR FLASH! It makes such a difference.

2) Fill the frame. You do this by getting as close as you can.

3) Don’t be afraid to take the shot from different angles. If your subject is close to the ground, get down to their level.

While I am no way near “professional photographer level”, I do hope to improve on what small skills I do have. Practice, practice, practice.