Malaekahana Bikepath (II): A Celebration

I’m coming to understand better now what Envision La’ie is all about after seeing this project completed. I’m so thankful to live in a community that doesn’t just sit around and let time pass. I am thankful for the people who envision La’ie having a brighter future.

The Malaekahana Pathway is done!!! Yay! Not that that’s stopped any of us from using it already. Sorry, we couldn’t wait.





My hubby and I, and our littlest coconut (he was quite adamant about it), decided to be present for the dedication. We arrived, and there was so much going on. Food was being prepard. I wasn’t expecting it, but should I be surprised? Sorry if the pig offends you, that’s how we do it on the North Shore.

We were being entertained by kupuna’s (grandma’s and grandpa’s) who have lived here all their lives. I’m sure they have many stories to tell.

There were many who came out to help celebrate! 500 to be exact.

See. Lots of people everywhere. They came by foot, bike and automobile.

Some even came by horse. Well, just this family.

There were even t-shirts to mark this special occasion. And if you were lucky, you had the winning ticket for the bikes they were giving away.




Junior Ah You was our emcee for the dedication. He was great! Kevin Schlag (aka the Running Bishop), was also part of the committee who helped with this project. Pane Meatoga was one of the other individuals who helped get this project completed as well. Did you know that there were about 275 volunteers who helped out with the pathway?

We all headed to the road to watch the maile lei be cut.

People stood on two sides of the pathway. This was the La’ie side.

The Kahuku side waiting.





Before the cutting, there was traditional Hawaiian chanting. It gave you “chicken skin” (goosebumps) to watch. Because I was taking pictures, I was right there up close watching.

Then it was time to cut the maile lei and join the two communities.

It was emotional and awesome to watch a group of people who love their community so much.

Time to eat!! There were masses of people ready to partake.

As for me and my crew, we were tired, and we ready to go home. We were so thankful though to be part of a great celebration.

Malaekahana Bike Path (Part I): An Opportunity To Serve

The Malaekahana Bike Path stretches for 1.2 miles between Laie and Kahuku. It’s a project that has everyone in the two communities of Laie and Kahuku buzzing. The most unique thing about this project is that the community has been an important part of it. Like, literally.

Every week, we’ve seen progress because of the volunteers from the community who want to help. Most Saturday mornings, kids are still sleeping at 8am. These kids are here helping to spread out the dirt around the pathway instead.

A mother and son working together. That boy will remember this when he’s an adult. He will have a fun memory of working on the pathway with his mom.

Miss Ivy doing her part. Hi Ivy!

High school seniors helping where they can. What great examples they are to younger ones. See, even the cool guys are doing it.

These boys are working extra hard.

Another mother and son working together. Such a great experience.

No one was too young to help. No hands were too small.

A true scene of service. Being happy while helping. These girls look like their almost having too much fun . . . . Naaaahhhh. You could never when it’s in the name of service. The Malaekahana Pathway is just about done. The dedication will be this Saturday, March 19th, 2011. Hope to see you all there.