Mark Your Calendars

One of my readers sent me this link.

It’s has all the dates of all the races here in Hawaii. This is exactly what I needed. Nothing pushes me more out of bed than a race. Seriously. Some people have running partners, which I love, but I have been known to be MIA a few times on a run. U’i or Shannon, if you’re reading this, I’m still sorry. Lucky for me, they still like me ; )

So here’s how my year is going down (in my perfect world) :

May 7th –  I will be chasing a banana at the Jamba Juice 5K at Ala Moana Beach Park.

July 2nd – You can find me running around for 6.4 miles in the bushes at Kualoa Ranch for their Freedom Fest Trail Run.

September – There is a race in Tantaulus that’s a 10 miler, but it’s on Sunday. Since I don’t run on Sundays, I just might have to do my own 10 miler. Let me know if anyone wants to join me or finds a race on a Saturday.

December – We have an unofficial Half/Marathon here in Laie. It goes from Laie to Waimea Bay. Hopefully I make it to Waimea. The water will feel oh so good.

So if you’re looking for a race, check out the link. Maybe I’ll see at one of these races.

Wish me luck.




Let’s Talk Chickens

I have a pretty good memory of my childhood growing up in Laie, but what I don’t remember are the chickens. They’re everywhere. I mean, ev-‘ry-where.


What cracks me up though, is that they are even at the shopping center. That’s my favorite place to see them. They must know that in a small town like this, that’s the place to be.

How did we get so many chickens? I’ve heard different theories, mainly having to do with a great escape from the local Cackle Fresh Egg Farm. At one point, there were so many in Laie, the local Boy Scout troop had a round-up back in 2000. The bounty was $1 a chicken.

When we first moved here, it took my kids some getting used to, the early morning crowing. Definitely not something the HOA in our AZ suburb would have approved of. We would have for sure been sent a violation letter for that, and for the weeds in our yard.

After living here for about a month, one of my coconuts came home from playing with a friend. I asked her what she did, and she nonchalantly replied that she and her friend were washing chickens. That was a “huh” moment. Of course I had to ask, “How do you wash a chicken?” She replied, “With a hose.” Of course, silly me. Why didn’t I think of that?

So if you come to Laie, and decide to get ice-cream at Angel’s (which I highly recommend), don’t be surprised to see chickens. Chickens walking around.

Chickens checking out your car.

Or even, chickens crossing the road.

Because, they want to come hang out with you.

Malaekahana Bike Path (Part I): An Opportunity To Serve

The Malaekahana Bike Path stretches for 1.2 miles between Laie and Kahuku. It’s a project that has everyone in the two communities of Laie and Kahuku buzzing. The most unique thing about this project is that the community has been an important part of it. Like, literally.

Every week, we’ve seen progress because of the volunteers from the community who want to help. Most Saturday mornings, kids are still sleeping at 8am. These kids are here helping to spread out the dirt around the pathway instead.

A mother and son working together. That boy will remember this when he’s an adult. He will have a fun memory of working on the pathway with his mom.

Miss Ivy doing her part. Hi Ivy!

High school seniors helping where they can. What great examples they are to younger ones. See, even the cool guys are doing it.

These boys are working extra hard.

Another mother and son working together. Such a great experience.

No one was too young to help. No hands were too small.

A true scene of service. Being happy while helping. These girls look like their almost having too much fun . . . . Naaaahhhh. You could never when it’s in the name of service. The Malaekahana Pathway is just about done. The dedication will be this Saturday, March 19th, 2011. Hope to see you all there.