Hinamatsuri — Girls’ Day

Hawaii has a lot of Asian influence, Japanese being a huge one. Every year on March 3rd, we celebrate Girl’s Day. I was at Shirokiya the other day (without my camera. Boo.), admiring all the Girls’ Day fanfare they had going on.

It’s tradition that the girls are given a hinamatsuri (or doll). It’s also tradition to put red cloth or carpet over these platforms to display the dolls.

It’s also tradition to have mochi. One of my girls doesn’t like mochi, but she thinks they’re cute.

I love cultural celebrations of any kind (you should see me on St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m not even Irish). My girls are half Japanese, so I try celebrate in our home. I haven’t gone real traditional and actually bought them a doll (maybe one day), but I do get them a little gift to celebrate their heritage. The great thing about Hawaii is that you don’t have to be  Japanese celebrate. Heck. You don’t even have to be a girl ; )