Legos: The FHE Edition

Everyone has a part when it comes to FHE in our family. The job of ACTIVITIES is always tricky sometimes. It can either be different, or the same-old, same-old ‘hide-n-go-seek’. While I was pregnant with this last baby, I put a temporary stop by week 30 of my pregnancy on the “hide-n-go-seek” activities. I wasn’t about to try and hide my humangus belly in some nook of this 1200 square foot house, (BTW, it is currently still on hold). With that said, my hubby found an idea online for coconut #4 to do an activity with his legos. It was a charades-meets-pictionary idea. We were to construct a scene from the scriptures using legos, and the rest of the family had to guess who in the scriptures was being portrayed in the scene.

You ready to guess from the ones we did? Here goes. Answers will be at the bottom.




How’d you do? Ok, so here are the answers:

1) Jonah swallowed by the whale.

2) King Benjamen preaching from the tower.

3) Ammon after cutting off the robbers’ arms (my personal favorite).

4) Noah on his ark (kinda hard to tell from this angle).

This may be an activity that you want to do with your family, you know, unless you really do want to hide-n-go-seek, again ; )