Sharing Our Heritage

O’ahu is known as The Gathering Place, and last night’s event proved that to be correct. We had a church gathering of women who hail from all over the Pan-Pacific, coming to celebrate their cultural heritage. I found out that in our group of women, we had 15 different ethnic backgrounds represented. So awesome. I myself  am so mixed up –  ethnically that is (sometimes mentally, but don’t tell), that I’m my own little United Nations rolled into one, but we’ll leave that for another post.

There were awesome displays showcasing the beauty we have all over the world, I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Art from Thailand. I love the elephant carvings. I’m also in love with this rich purple fabric and the beading.

I heart the brilliant colors in this vest. It makes me happy. I’m a simple person like that.

I wonder if these were ever used to eat with. I love the ornate designs on the bottom portion of these utensils.

I know – I wanted to move that little pot as well. I didn’t because for one thing, they weren’t mine to touch, and for another, I didn’t want to get my dirty fingerprints on it. These have an heirloom look about them, like they’ve been used for a long time. I get a kick out of stuff like that.

This shell adorned purse showcases the beauty of abalone. So shiny and so pretty.

A kiekie (kee-ay kee-ay). Tongan women wear it around their waist with their dress. This Tongan lady forgot to wear hers. Yes. I’m still claiming that I’m Tongan. This one’s made out of hard coconut shells.

Two things to remember when you think of Tahiti – shells and pearls.

The Chinese Red Lanterns are so festive. One of my favorites.

My camera was being unprofessional for the rest of the night and decided to go on strike. Needless to say, I didn’t get to take snap shots of all the wonderfully, *ono-licious food we had. You’re just going to have to take my word for it that it was good. I have the waistline to prove it. We won’t share that though because some things must remain unseen.

*ono-licious = local term for delicious