Holiday Pretzels


Need a last minute gift idea? Need something that you can whip up real fast? Holiday Pretzels!!I kind of made up that name, but I think it works. I of course found this idea on the beloved Pinterest website.

So here goes. Pay attention now, it gets complicated . . . just kidding.


Grab a bag of white chocolate chips, white candy melts, whatever is white that’s sweet and will melt. I threw my whole bag of white chips in a microwave safe bowl and melted the chips 30 seconds at a time until all the chips were melted.


Add in your holiday pretzels. I picked up mine at Sam’s Club. I’m sure they have a Costco version. I love that have these cute Christmas shapes: tree, star, and bell.


Gently submerge your pretzels under the melted white chips. You can use a fork to remove the pretzels. I tried to let the white chocolate drip off, that way you could see the shapes of the pretzels better.


I placed the pretzels down and then sprinkled them with some Christmas sprinkles. Walmart was selling the Christmas sprinkles before the chocolate cooled. You will know if your chocolate has cooled down too much. The sprinkles will just bounce off the pretzels. LOL.

Now, I thought I was being clever by placing the pretzels on the cooling rack.I did that thinking that the chocolate would drip off better but it didn’t really.In fact, it stuck more to the rack when it dried, so it was a little harder to remove.

My recommendation is to place them on a piece of wax or parchment paper, then you can easily peel them off once the chocolate has dried.



They are really good, so don’t make them when you are hungry because you probably won’t have enough to give away.

I made a batch and gave them away to some friends. I created some gift tags to attach to whatever plate of goodies you are giving away. Just click gift tags to download and print.






Ornament Christmas Wreath

Did you notice a theme yet for this Christmas season. Ornaments seem to be my thing I guess. I’ve seen different versions of these on Pinterest (of course), and I had to try it. It looked simple enough for this novice crafter to do.

I neglected to take a picture of all of the materials I used, but here’s the list:

1) gluegun and LOTS of gluesticks.

2) styrofoam circular tube (wreath-shaped). I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.

3) unbreakable ornaments from Walmart. I bought one package of 40 regular sized ornaments and 1 package of 20 small ornaments.

4) 2 feet of tinsel.

5) Nice big wired Christmas ribbon.

Before starting, you will need to take the tops off the ornaments, you know that part where you put the hooks on to hang on the tree. They come off quite easily.

 This was my first attempt. The directions I had said to just randomly place and glue your ornaments to the styrofoam wreath, and ta-da! It was a “FAIL” for me, doing it this way. I’m kind of a systematic person. I needed a little order in doing this project.

 I started at the top. The package of ornaments I had bought had different textured ornaments in it. So I began glueing them to the top part in a pattern . . . shiny, matte, glitter, shiny, matte, glitter . . . you get the point. Unfortunately, you don’t end up with a perfect circle by the end. You will have a space that will not be big enough to put in an ornament to make a perfect, complete circle. But life isn’t perfect is it. Christmas wreath life lesson #1. That’s ok. Just leave the space, we’ll deal with it later.

After doing the top, I glued ornaments on the outside of the first row of ornaments and also on the inside part of the wreath. Along with glueing the ornament to the styrofoam, glue the ornaments to each other. It sticks better and will hold it in place pretty good.

I then added the smaller ornaments to whatever spaces I saw. After you glue all the little ones, you will still have left over spaces. Let’s deal with the big one first at the top.  I fixed that by putting a ribbon on. FIrst I wrapped a little bit of the ribbon around the styrofoam and then tied it so that I could hang it on my door hook. Then I youtubed instructions on how to make a big fancy bow to fill that space.

Now for the little spaces.

Cue the tinsel.

I cut little tufts of tinsel, added some glue and tucked them into these little spaces. It helped fill all those little annoying spaces that you could see the styrofoam from. Just remember to trim the tinsel when you’re done.

One homemade Christmas wreath. Not bad for a crafting novice. I’m one of those that start and don’t finish crafting projects. With that said, if I can do it, so can you!!


Merry Christmas!!!

TBC : )


Only fun to look at —- on the tree. And maybe from the INSIDE of your house if you live in a place that snows.

My Christmas Obsession

I promise this will be the last time I talk about Christmas cards . . . . until next year. At least then, you will expect it. I’m sorry though, I just can’t help myself. I love Christmas cards. I admit it. It’s my Christmas obsession. Especially if they have a picture attached to them. It’s one of my favorite things when it comes to the Holiday season.

I check the mail everyday to see if any new cards have come in. I really do. My family is very patient with me during this time of year. I noticed that some friends do post their card on Facebook, or send it via email. No matter. I just print them out and add them to my collection on the wall.

How long does this obsession last? Probably a couple of weeks post-Christmas. I still get cards even then. The latest card I’ve ever received was in March.

We’ve moved so much, that we’ve made many friends along the way. It does make for a long list of cards to send out, but I’m so obsessed with it, I doesn’t bother me. I love seeing how each family has grown. It’s fun.

As you can see, I’ve even added our own card to the Christmas Card Wall. I’m obsessed that way. It’s a good thing this obsession is just seasonal.

Our Annual Christmas Card Event


Do you do Christmas cards every year? Is it an event like it is with our family?

Every year I try to put out a Christmas Card to send to all our friends and family. Every year, we pick a picture that happens to have all of us in it and looking at the camera, and if we’re smiling, it’s an added bonus. In the last couple of years, I decided we should deliberately take a nice picture for our Christmas card. I usually make this executive decision on December 20th.

Let me tell you, just figuring out what everyone is going to wear, could have easily been the start of generations of family feuding to come. Once the outfits were picked and donned, we headed out the door to a picturesque spot.

Once we hit our scenic locale, we get into position . . . . . or at least we tried to.

Then it’s time to set that timer.

Whoops! Guess it needed to be set a little longer. Hurry up dear!

The next challenge is getting everyone to look at the camera.  Coconut#5 was pouting. He says we weren’t getting his good side.

I tried to assure him that both sides were fabulous. He started warming up after I told him that.


One more time.


Thank goodness for digital cameras! This was the winner.

Despite the challenges and difficulties that are involved with this annual tradition, it’s one that we look back at and are glad that we do it. One day the kids will thank me.

I’m sure of it.

Either that or I’ll never see a Christmas card from them for the rest of their adult lives.


Merry Christmas!!