My Christmas Obsession

I promise this will be the last time I talk about Christmas cards . . . . until next year. At least then, you will expect it. I’m sorry though, I just can’t help myself. I love Christmas cards. I admit it. It’s my Christmas obsession. Especially if they have a picture attached to them. It’s one of my favorite things when it comes to the Holiday season.

I check the mail everyday to see if any new cards have come in. I really do. My family is very patient with me during this time of year. I noticed that some friends do post their card on Facebook, or send it via email. No matter. I just print them out and add them to my collection on the wall.

How long does this obsession last? Probably a couple of weeks post-Christmas. I still get cards even then. The latest card I’ve ever received was in March.

We’ve moved so much, that we’ve made many friends along the way. It does make for a long list of cards to send out, but I’m so obsessed with it, I doesn’t bother me. I love seeing how each family has grown. It’s fun.

As you can see, I’ve even added our own card to the Christmas Card Wall. I’m obsessed that way. It’s a good thing this obsession is just seasonal.

Our Annual Christmas Card Event


Do you do Christmas cards every year? Is it an event like it is with our family?

Every year I try to put out a Christmas Card to send to all our friends and family. Every year, we pick a picture that happens to have all of us in it and looking at the camera, and if we’re smiling, it’s an added bonus. In the last couple of years, I decided we should deliberately take a nice picture for our Christmas card. I usually make this executive decision on December 20th.

Let me tell you, just figuring out what everyone is going to wear, could have easily been the start of generations of family feuding to come. Once the outfits were picked and donned, we headed out the door to a picturesque spot.

Once we hit our scenic locale, we get into position . . . . . or at least we tried to.

Then it’s time to set that timer.

Whoops! Guess it needed to be set a little longer. Hurry up dear!

The next challenge is getting everyone to look at the camera.  Coconut#5 was pouting. He says we weren’t getting his good side.

I tried to assure him that both sides were fabulous. He started warming up after I told him that.


One more time.


Thank goodness for digital cameras! This was the winner.

Despite the challenges and difficulties that are involved with this annual tradition, it’s one that we look back at and are glad that we do it. One day the kids will thank me.

I’m sure of it.

Either that or I’ll never see a Christmas card from them for the rest of their adult lives.


Merry Christmas!!