Me Personally: Where I’ve been, What I’ve been doing, Where am I going . . . what does it all mean?

I know. I’ve been gone a while. I had a hard time coming back. I would picture things in my head the way I wanted to see it on my blog and would kind of give up. Anyone else with that problem? I decided to just do what I can, and go with it, otherwise, I’d never blog.

So, with that said, here’s what I’ve been up to, that I plan on sharing more of in the coming days, weeks, and beyond.

I ran a 5K, a week before Mother’s Day. Put together a video that will show you I’m not lying when I say I’m sloooooooooooww. It may give you non-runners out there some confidence.

Played a lot with this guy. I blinked and now look at him. He’s trying to blink to see if the same thing happens with me. Sorry. I’m still the same.

Made some cinnamon biscuits one morning. I’ll have the recipe up soon.

This time with geocaching, I did the hiding. It’s harder than you think to try and hide something well.

For Memorial Day, we hung out with this guy. PCC is such a fun place. I’ll have more pictures to share on my Aloha Friday posts.

Things like me trying to show off my mad poi ball skills to my kids. I’ll post more on that, when I get over the embarrassment of this picture. Ok. I’m over it.

There you have it.

Well, at least some of it.


With my boy growing and his ever improving of both gross and fine motor skills, I find myself constantly occupied with moving things away and up high. It’s made taking pictures for recipes a little challenging, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I must adapt until he understands things better. That means, my posts for recipes at least, will probably be a little more condensed. That might be a good thing. Adaptation is always key when being a mother, at least for me. Otherwise, frustration sets in, followed by a lot of other negative feelings.

So, with keeping things on a positive note, I’ll be busy documenting my adventures on my ever-evolving website. We’ll be doing many things here on our part of this island: camping, fishing, hiking, sewing, cooking, and other things. Hope you’ll keep coming back to see what the BUSY summer that we have.

A Dry Run

On Saturday, I did my first official 5K since having my littlest coconut.  It was all the way in town. My husband couldn’t understand why I would want to wake up at dark-thirty a.m., drive for an hour, and pay money to run around a block 2x’s getting hot, sweaty and tired. He just couldn’t comprehend why.

I just had to do it. I needed to learn things about myself I told him. There’s nothing like a race to help you discover things you never knew about yourself, or forgot existed.

What did I discover on this sweaty journey?

10 things:

1. Registering gives me a little anxiety. Filling out forms, signing waivers, making sure I have the right t-shirt size for my t-shirt collection afterwards. It’s important to get that shirt size right.

2. My lucky number used to be 21. Since crossing the finish line ALIVE with #224 pinned on the front of me, it has become my new lucky number.

3. When I put on my ankle-timer, I didn’t have any ankles. I’m working on changing that.

4. Chickens are everywhere. They’re taking over the world.

5. I’m really slow. I mean reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow. I couldn’t catch up to this elderly gentleman during the race. Since I was eating his dust, I snapped a photo as proof, although you probably didn’t need the proof.  My time for the race verified that I was trotting at a slow crawl. What was my time you ask? Slow. Very slow. Very, very slow.

6. I begin to get emotional when I see the finish line. I get even more emotional when I learn I have to run around the block one more time before crossing through the yellow arches. I get into full hysterics when I actually cross the finish line. Hearing that beeping sound of the timing chip recording my finish is like sweet music to my feet.

7. Water is my favorite drink.

8. After a race, the calories of a muffin are zero. You don’t feel guilty for eating three, because you deserve every bite, therefore, they must be zero calories. I know they are.

9. Jamba Juice is my second favorite drink.

10. I learned that I still got it. Slow as I may be, I was able to complete that race running the whole way. That’s my awesome sister-in-law who told me about the race. She did great, accomplishing her goals as well. It’s a family thing I guess.

If you’ve never done a race, you need to try it. You owe it to yourself to discover things you never knew.

Mark Your Calendars

One of my readers sent me this link.

It’s has all the dates of all the races here in Hawaii. This is exactly what I needed. Nothing pushes me more out of bed than a race. Seriously. Some people have running partners, which I love, but I have been known to be MIA a few times on a run. U’i or Shannon, if you’re reading this, I’m still sorry. Lucky for me, they still like me ; )

So here’s how my year is going down (in my perfect world) :

May 7th –  I will be chasing a banana at the Jamba Juice 5K at Ala Moana Beach Park.

July 2nd – You can find me running around for 6.4 miles in the bushes at Kualoa Ranch for their Freedom Fest Trail Run.

September – There is a race in Tantaulus that’s a 10 miler, but it’s on Sunday. Since I don’t run on Sundays, I just might have to do my own 10 miler. Let me know if anyone wants to join me or finds a race on a Saturday.

December – We have an unofficial Half/Marathon here in Laie. It goes from Laie to Waimea Bay. Hopefully I make it to Waimea. The water will feel oh so good.

So if you’re looking for a race, check out the link. Maybe I’ll see at one of these races.

Wish me luck.