March 2012 Week 1 “God Speaks through Living Prophets”.

UPDATE (3/3/12):

This is an update because I posted this presentation last year. This presentation will go well with this week’s theme being “God Speaks through Living Prophets”

As for the flipchart I used, I of course found it on Sugardoodle. A wonderful sister by the name of Carrie put the images together with the words. You can find that link here.

Good news!! I finally found a minute and was able to upload the pdf for my bees. You can print them by clicking here. Thank you for your patience!

This month’s song for the Primary Program is “Stand for the Right”. I’m a little late with this post, but I figured, better late than never. So here’s what I’ve been doing with my primary kids.

After singing the song a few times through, I played some bee sounds for the kids. I have a digital voice recorder which I hid. I played it for the kids and they had to guess what was in my bag. I had my beehive in there.  After a few guesses, I pulled it out of my bag. I thought of making this, of course, Saturday night at 11pm (church is at 8am).

I happened to have some white poster paper and a big shoe box. I drew the beehive and cut out the opening. I applied double-sided tape to the edges of the shoe box. My recommendation is to hot glue it instead. I was too lazy to get out mine. Don’t follow my example.

These are the bees I made to go in the beehive. I talked about how other prophets have instructed us on things we should do that Heavenly Father wants us to do. I then discussed about how Pres. Hinckley talked about the “6 B’s”.

I picked a reverent child to come pick a bee out of the beehive. I would play the bee noises when they would do this. The kids got a kick out of it, thinking that the bees might sting them. It was fun too because they couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. When they picked out a bee, we discussed an example of that characteristic. I then replaced the first “Be True” with one of those other “Be’s”, then I had the kids sing the song.


This was my way of having the kids practice the songs a few times. It seemed to work.


Praise to the Man

This was a hard song to teach. Raise you hand if you agree with me. Uh huh. That’s what I thought. I knew when tackling this song, I would have to really help the kids with the big words. Some of the big words were even hard for me. It’s not everyday that I use the word extol. Whenever I am last minute, there are a couple of other websites that I go to for help. One of them is Teaching LDS Children. This lady has some awesome teaching ideas. I saw her idea for Praise to the Man, which was kind of what I had had in mind. She had everything ready to print, so I happily clicked on the print button and used it for primary that morning.

It worked out pretty well. The younger kids are a little harder to teach, but they did an awesome job tackling those hard words. Seeing a 5 year old say “kings shall extol him and nations revere” so articulately made me smile. Now it was time to review.

I printed out another set of the words, then proceeded to cut out all the hard words from the song. With the senior primary, I divided them into two groups. I had one of the counselors supervise one group, while I did another. They were at two separate boards so they wouldn’t see each other. Each group basically had to put the words in order of how they came in the song. They had to work together. It was cool because you could see them singing the song softly to themselves and helping each other out. This was the result of the two groups.

What I then did was had them “check it” by singing the song and going down the list to see if group 1 had their list correct. We did the same thing with group 2. This was my way of getting them to sing the song more than once for review. They could see the mistake in group 1’s, but was able to fix it. It you have a huge primary, then you may need to split them up into more groups so that they’re manageable.

I knew I couldn’t do this for the younger groups, so we arranged the list together as one whole group. They did pretty good. I called on one child at a time to pick the word they thought should go next. If they weren’t sure, the rest of the kids helped them out.

Stay tuned for verse 3.