Organizing Chaos

When you are a busy mom of 5 and wife of 1, life gets crazy. Let’s be honest, it gets down right chaotic. Maybe I’m the only one with chaos in my life, and you all have this “life” thing down. If so, I welcome any feedback, advice, letters of sympathy, or comments. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been trying to do with the chaos that I’ve been handed.

Behold, the binder! I haven’t prettied it up yet, but that’s last on the list. Rumor is, organized people have them, so I decided that I wanted in in that club. I found me binder and declared myself a member. I’m not sure if I’ve been let in the club yet. Here’s what I’ve done to try and qualify me.

I bought these tab dividers. I labelled all the aspects of my life that have take over. There is a lot in life. Hopefully I got the main ones.

One of the most important is “the calendar”. Many appointments are missed because it wasn’t written right away on the calendar. It’s important to write it down. If it’s not written down, it won’t get done. Simple as that.

My favorite thing about the dividers I bought is that they have these pockets that you can put things in. So for example, in my financial divider tab, I stick upcoming bills in there so that I’m not hunting for them in the never-ending piles on my desk. I also have a calendar for financial stuff. If I can see when the bills are due, I can keep track better and not be late. That’s the goal at least.

If any of you are like me, who want to be in that organized club, this is the first step . . . . or so I’ve heard . . . . . at least that’s what I think . . . . .  I could be wrong. Does it really matter?

I’ve decided to start my own “organized” club. So here’s MY first step. All are welcomed to join. It’s free. You just have to have a binder . . . . totally kidding. About the binder at least.

The Laundry Pile

You know you have one on your bed right now as we speak. Laundry is not one of my forte’s, but over time, I’ve learned to see that it’s not so bad. Growing up, I did the classic “put a red item into a load of whites”. Yes. Everything did end up pink. This was my senior year in high school. Because we lived on a tiny little island it was expected that when we go to college, it will be back in the U.S.A. Knowing that my time was drawing near to leave home and be on my own, my dad was worried. He was especially worried after seeing this laundry disaster. He said, “Malie. I’m worried. You can’t cook OR do laundry, and you’re going off to college soon. What are you going to do?” Being the genius teenager that I was, I just shrugged my shoulders. I wasn’t worried, I probably should have been though. And just in case you were wondering, I miraculously survived college without a single laundry disaster.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my problem with laundry is not getting the clothes clean, it’s putting them away. Sometimes I get so crammed with time, and each kid has a hamper with dirty laundry up to the ceiling, that my usual goal is to just get it clean. So I do a bajillion loads of laundry in one day. By the end of the day, instead of folding the laundry, I just lay in it. Partly cause I’m tired, and partly because it’s warm and fuzzy. Having that pile tends to cause a lot of chaos, because no one knows where anything is. The “pile” would be there for weeks. After a while, I started throwing a big blanket over the whole thing (hoping it would go away).  I would do that every so often. One day when I did that, husband came home and said, “Oh. I see the couch is back.”

There is a point to this post. So, here’s how I solved my laundry pile problem. There are three hampers in my house that get filled with laundry.  I’ve assigned each hamper a day. Mine is Monday, the girls are Tuesday, and the boys Wednesday.  Each hamper will give me 1 to 2 loads to wash. As soon as they are done, they get folded and put away. The loads are smaller, and mentally, I can handle that. By Wednesday, all the laundry in my house is done.

The other thing that I do that helps, I never do the laundry unless I know I have time to put away.

Now, all this only works if you are consistent. With that said, I am really good at not being consistent, but I try. In fact, I’m consistent at trying to be consistent.

It’s not a miracle discovery, and many of you probably already do this or have better ideas (please share if you do). But just in case there are some of you out there drowning in your “pile” of laundry, here’s a rope.