Summer Geography Lesson

For Cub Scouts, my son needed to start a collection. We had been collecting state quarters on and off for a couple of weeks. We’d get a good collection going, then we’d lose some, and then we’d spend some, and then we had none. Go figure.So I came up with a fun way to collect the quarters and display them (that was part of the requirement).

(Please don’t pay attention to the markings made by the toddler). We just went to our local office store and had them print up an enlarged map that I found online. I had my coconut-son glue the pieces together on a foam core board.

So far we’ve collected about 23 state quarters since taking these pictures. Every time we find a state quarter, we just hot-glue the quarter onto it’s state. This was a good way to answer the question of whether or not we already had that state.

After my son showed his display to his den, we decided that this was going to be our summer geography lesson. What would you think of me if I told you that I might have more fun than the kids doing this projects.

To go along with the collection of the quarter, I put together a booklet that you can find here. Please note that the flag images I used in the booklet can be found here at Flags of the World. Their images are being used with permission. Every morning, my kids pick a state that we have the quarter for, and answer the questions about that state.  Our goal is to collect all 50 before the end of summer.