Science Project

It’s Science Project time around here. My son is doing his on the rate of germination. We initially thought of doing his garden square foot style. You know, where you build a huge planter box and divide it evenly into square feet for each plant. I clapped my hands and commanded my husband to build a planter box for this project.

He said no. Actually, he said he couldn’t because he didn’t have the right tools. I guess you need those to build something properly.

One night I was on Pinterest, and saw that someone had posted an idea for cinderblock gardens. Love it!!! Quick, easy and affordable! My three favorite words.

We ran over to our local Ace Hardware store, purchased some blocks and dirt. The main idea of my son’s Science Project is to see if the size of a seed affects it’s rate of germination. At first we were going to go with basil, until we poured out the bag. They are really tiny seeds in case you’re wondering. So he changed his mind and decided to go with beans.

He measured out each bean and sorted them into their size group.

Each cinderblock got a popscicle stick with their respective lengths noted.  Every morning and everning, my son would water the plants and record what he saw.

After 4 days, we started to see some action. Growth was manifesting itself.



Isn’t that just so easy! I’ve decided that I’m going to make an herb garden this way. It will help me to keep the basil  and the oregano out of each other’s way. As far as the results of the test. That’s for me to know and you to find out.