The Scriptures Teach Me HOW and WHEN to Pray

Here we are again. I’d like to say it’s the 11th hour but we’re waaaaaaay past that. That’s how much I love ya. I just had to share this idea. I will say that the inspiration did come at the 11th hour. Tomorrow in primary, we’re teaching the children that the scriptures teach us how to pray and when to pray. I was scanning through blogs, seeing what others will be doing. I came across “I Heart Primary Music”. Can I just sat that I heart I Heart Primary Music. I found her post from last weeks music time and loved her idea of having the kids sing the primary songs doing the different actions we’re supposed to do during prayer. I started drawing out the pictures of the actions to give the kids a visual. After drawing my visuals, I came up with an idea.

So here it is:

I drew more pictures and put them in stacks for the kids to choose from. Three kids will be called on, one at a time. They will pick out a stack and start putting their prayer person together.

Here’s one of the stacks. After the kids put the pictures together, I’m going to ask them if this person were to say prayer, are they ready? Definitely not. I’ll have them point out what’s wrong. The eyes of course.

Then I’ll put up this picture with the “closed eyes”.  I will have the kids sing “Teach Me To Walk” with their eyes closed.

Here’s the next stack of pictures. Can you guess what’s wrong with the picture? You got it. The arms. We definitely don’t do the “shaka” when we’re saying prayer.

I’ll put this picture up and have the kids sing “All Over The World” with their arms folded.

The last stack shows that the person is not kneeling, but standing on one foot. What is the proper thing to do at family prayer time? Kneel.

Here’s my kneeling picture. The kids will all kneel on the floor and sing “Love is Spoken Here”. Very appropriate don’t you think?

By the end, we should have all the pictures up of the proper way to be when saying prayer. I will put up the picture of how we should “bow our heads”.  For the last song I will have the kids sing “I Pray in Faith”. I thought that that was a good song that tied everything in.

I don’t have a PDF file of my drawings, but I figure they’re simple enough to draw. I think the kids will get a kick out of putting together their prayer person and seeing the funny things they shouldn’t be doing. I think it will help drive home the point of being ready for prayer.

Conversation Cards

I think last year there was a Visiting Teaching message about Family Home Evenings. I had thought that this game would make a nice gift to help my ladies with their FHE’s. I found the idea on Sugardoodle. This lovely girl named Summer Driggs put these cute cards together. She has her own blog that features other things that she designs. Cute stuff! Of course I had to make one set for our family. We play this even when it’s not Monday Night. It’s just fun to sit around and find out about each other. This is another one of our last minute things we do for our “Activity” section of FHE. It just never gets old.

I printed out a set of the cards and laminated them. I didn’t want to put them in a ziplock bag.

I saw these soap containers they have at Wal-mart. The cards fit perfectly!

These cards are so cute! The best part is that you can use them for anything! My son says his teacher uses this as her way of taking attendance. I thought that was a fun idea.

I think this would make a great homemade gift. One of the ladies that I had given this to, thanked me and said she had used the cards at home, in her seminary class, and as an ice-breaker at a meeting she had to go to. That made me smile. I may make a bunch of these to give out at Christmas.

Legos: The FHE Edition

Everyone has a part when it comes to FHE in our family. The job of ACTIVITIES is always tricky sometimes. It can either be different, or the same-old, same-old ‘hide-n-go-seek’. While I was pregnant with this last baby, I put a temporary stop by week 30 of my pregnancy on the “hide-n-go-seek” activities. I wasn’t about to try and hide my humangus belly in some nook of this 1200 square foot house, (BTW, it is currently still on hold). With that said, my hubby found an idea online for coconut #4 to do an activity with his legos. It was a charades-meets-pictionary idea. We were to construct a scene from the scriptures using legos, and the rest of the family had to guess who in the scriptures was being portrayed in the scene.

You ready to guess from the ones we did? Here goes. Answers will be at the bottom.




How’d you do? Ok, so here are the answers:

1) Jonah swallowed by the whale.

2) King Benjamen preaching from the tower.

3) Ammon after cutting off the robbers’ arms (my personal favorite).

4) Noah on his ark (kinda hard to tell from this angle).

This may be an activity that you want to do with your family, you know, unless you really do want to hide-n-go-seek, again ; )