Adding More Fun to Everyday Photography – Olloclip Lens

Ever since I knew that lenses for your camera phone existed, I have always wanted to get one. I had been eyeing one for a while. It had been a long while, so much so that I forgot about them, until my birthday last year.


My hubby went galavanting all over the mall, with 5 kids in tow, mind you, looking for this little device to get me for my birthday. When I opened my gift and saw what it was, I was very surprised. Good job honey. Caught me totally off guard with that gift. I was so exicted to use it.


Now, the only bummer, is that you have to take your case off your phone in order to use it. This particular lense, Olloclip, is for the iPhone.


Here’s how it works. On the left you have 2 lenses. When you put the lens over the phone lens and take off the cover, it is already to go for WIDE-ANGLE. To use the MACRO feature, there is an arrow on the rim of the lens that show you which direction to turn the lens to use it. Careful though, if you turn it and the lens comes off, you know you’ve turned it too much. Just a good quarter turn should do it. For the FISH-EYE, just turn the lens over, take off the cover and it’s ready to go.


Putting it over the camera lens on the phone is pretty easy. Just slide it on.


See how easy.


I am holding the phone backwards, but this is how it looks, ready to go.

Below, I shared some examples of using the different lenses.



Used this while at the park. Maybe next time I’ll take a picture without the lens so you can see the difference.


 My kids love playing with the FISH-EYE. It’s a favorite and gets used a lot.


I love MACRO shots. They are fun for when you want to tell a story with your picture. So if you love photography, or just plain love using your iPhone camera, or you’re an Instagram  addict enthusiast like I am, kick it up a notch with this fun toy. Send your hubby, son, daughter, dog, or whomever else you can think of, a link to this post if they aren’t sure what to get you this Mother’s Day.


Your Versatile Camera Phone

I had bought a Rachel Ray magazine the other day. It’s an addiction. It really is, buying those glossy magazines by the cash register. If they have food on the cover and promise you ideas of cooking 20 dinners in 20 minutes, I’m usually sold. If they tell you that they’ll help you decorate your teeny house with a budget of $5, I’m sold. If they just have bright colors on the cover, I’m sold. What can I say? I’m a sucker.

Anyhoo. In this magazine I was reading, it had listed creative things you could use your camera phone for, you know, besides snapping pictures of memorable moments because you forgot to bring the “real” camera. I looked at that list and decided it wasn’t comprehensive enough. A couple of more things needed to be added to that list.

Whenever I’ve been in a store, or at someone’s home, and seen a piece of decor that I really like, I usually want to copy it. By the time I’m ready to make it, the memory of the item is usually fuzzy. Snap a picture with your camera phone so your fuzzy memory can be a clearer picture. You’ll be able to see exactly it is that you admired. It’s kind of like a manual “Pinterest” button.

Take a picture of an item that you’re sending your husband to the store for. It’s bad enough my husband has to stare at a million jars of baby food that look the same, but then to try and pick out the one I want. I figured a visual would help.

When you have five kids like me, it seems like you drown in waves of flyers, notices and reminders the kids bring home from school every other day. After you drown in it, you end up losing it. Get a shot of the most important part of that flyer, then it won’t matter if you lose that piece of paper.

With the busy, hectic life that I have, I need all the “out-of-the-box” ideas I can get. Stayed tuned for more ideas in part II of this post.

Question #4 – Do You Pinterest?

This has been my latest hobby. Now that I finally have the hang of this, I love it! I don’t know how many times I’ve searched the interenet for ideas,  found them and thought, I’ll go back to that later. If any of you are as sleep deprived as I am, my memory doesn’t work as well. I can never remember which website I had found an idea on. Either that or I’m getting old. Just be my friend and say that it’s sleep deprivation.

Enter “Pinterest”. I’ve seen people mention it on twitter a few times, so I checked it out. Basically, it’s a virtual pinboard of ideas. When you’ve “pinned”  the item that you like, it’s saved to a virtual board. My favorite part is that I can click on the image and it will take me back to the original place of where I found the idea. LOVE IT!! You can also browse other people’s boards to see what cool stuff they’ve found.  You can even pin what they’ve found to your board.

So, my Aloha Friday question is “Do you Pinterest? Have you even heard of it? What do you think of it?”


Aloha Friday is a fun meme created by Kailani over at If you would like to participate, jump on over to her blog to link up.


a jillion pieces

I have this sister-in-law who is super talented. If you ask her, she will probably deny it. She’s very modest. So I’ll brag for her. Or you could just stare at these wonderful works of art. Each one of them, handcrafted by her.

Just make sure that you’re not hungry when you look. You may mistake these deliciously looking masterpieces for the real deal.

Even the name of her company is creative. See, her name is Jill. Thus the name “a jillion pieces“. Clever huh.

We love giving these away as gifts, because they’re so yummy and cute, and every girl oughtta have something yummy and cute.

Sometimes we don’t give them away. We can’t help it. They’re just plain adorable.

If you want individually, hand-crafted, fun, yet cute (in a sophisticated way) piece of jewellery, “a jillion pieces” is your best bet. You’ll make any recipient squeal with delight, especially if you get their favorite dessert.


**This is not a paid advertisement. I just wanted to share cute things I find or wear or use.


Granola Jar

Mother’s Day is another excuse for me to make cute gifts to give out. I had tried this granola recipe and fell in love it. It had to be given as a gift.

I love putting things in jars. It just makes it cuter, and yummier. I found the tags from here. has a lot of cute printables.

My husband was disappointed this morning to find I had bottled all the granola to give away. My children were crying buckets that there was none left. Because I love my family so much, I decided to make more tomorrow. My husband was smiling again, and my children felt they could go on living. I will post the recipe in the next couple of days.

Payless – It’s More Than Shoes

Whenever I know I’m going to Payless, I’m like a school kid, giddy and excited. Payless has definitely evolved over the years, or maybe I just never noticed as much. It’s become more than shoes. It’s become a one-stop shop for shoes and all the accessories you need to go along with it.

The other day, I was there initially to buy some church shoes for my kids. Goodness knows they grow faster than weeds after a rainy day in Hawaii. As I was browsing through, I had to check out the aisle with my size, you know. Just in case. It didn’t take me long to spot these sexy things. The big plus was that is was in my size. I just can’t resist a good heel. I’m addicted to them.

Not far from them were these cute wedges. I love wedges. They’re my new “sandal”. It’s been a while since I bought some wedges. I thought that I deserved to buy them. After all, I had to drive the 45 mins for my kids to get their shoes.

After I used all my might to tear myself away from the shoes, the bags on the walls were calling me. I love the flower design. It gives it that chic boost I think. I tried real hard to think of a reason to buy the bag. I’m still thinking, because I still think the bag is so cute.

Have you ever looked through their jewellery? Those are cute too. They usually will have a good sale on them. I love this bangle set. They are kind of classic, in the sense that they can be worn with almost anything. That’s why I thought that I should buy them. I would definitely get mileage out them.

These dangly earrings would look great with those black heels. Or with jeans and and nice peasant top. Or with an A-line skirt and blouse. Heck, they’d go with anything really. They’re calling my name! Can you hear it?

Payless taunts with me their accessories. They are all so stylish, but I can’t buy them all. From their shoes to their jewellery, I love it! (Big sigh). I guess I’ll just have to take it one purchase at a time.

The other big plus with Payless, is that if they don’t have your size, or you have a 6 month old that hates 45 minute car rides, you can order it online and have it shipped to to your home. You probably already knew that. Check out their website. They have things there that sometimes you can’t find in the store. Good luck controlling yourself, and happy shopping.

P.S. Payless doesn’t know me, except for the fact that they did allow me to use their pictures, and I thank them for that. I’m just sharing what I like.