Question #5 – What’s On Your Bucket List?

Lately I’ve been finding myself saying, “I wanna do that. It’s on my bucket list.” Then I thought, “Can you have a bucket list if you haven’t written it down?”

I’m of the opinion that if you have a goal, you should write it  down. If I don’t write it, it only gets accomplished by sheer coincidence. So, I’m writing it down.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

#1 – Visit New York. Broadway, shopping, dining, Central Park. This list alone could go on into infinite and beyond.

#2 – Be in the crowd that stands outside studio 1A at the Today Show. I watch the Today Show almost every morning. Why do I want to do that? It just looks fun.

#3 – Attend a live session of General Conference (that’s a church thing).

#4 – Go to Hoboken, NJ, to eat at Carlos Bakery. I’m a CAKE BOSS fan. Every time I watch the show, I want to eat a pastry. This visit will fulfill that need.

#5 – Visit Japan. Ever since marrying my husband (who is Japanese), I’ve fallen in love with the food. Is that bad that my main reason for going is to eat? I do love the culture as well.

#6 – Visit Europe. The list of reasons for this one are too numerous to count.

#7 – To learn how to surf using a long board. It just looks cool. I don’t really exude a lot of coolness, so I’ve gotta attain it any way I can. Even if it means I have to use all my non-existent core muscles to stand on a board in the water, then by golly, that’s what I’ll do.

I wanted to come up with 10, but that’s all I can come up with. If I think of any more, I’ll come back and update this post. So here’s my questions:



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Question #4 – Do You Pinterest?

This has been my latest hobby. Now that I finally have the hang of this, I love it! I don’t know how many times I’ve searched the interenet for ideas,  found them and thought, I’ll go back to that later. If any of you are as sleep deprived as I am, my memory doesn’t work as well. I can never remember which website I had found an idea on. Either that or I’m getting old. Just be my friend and say that it’s sleep deprivation.

Enter “Pinterest”. I’ve seen people mention it on twitter a few times, so I checked it out. Basically, it’s a virtual pinboard of ideas. When you’ve “pinned”  the item that you like, it’s saved to a virtual board. My favorite part is that I can click on the image and it will take me back to the original place of where I found the idea. LOVE IT!! You can also browse other people’s boards to see what cool stuff they’ve found.  You can even pin what they’ve found to your board.

So, my Aloha Friday question is “Do you Pinterest? Have you even heard of it? What do you think of it?”


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Question #3 – Have You Ever Gone Geocaching?

I always try to do fun things with my kids during the summer months. We do the usual camping and going to the beach. This summer I wanted to try GEOCACHING. I had heard of geocaching and had many friends who did it all the time. After getting my new phone that had a GPS app on it, I thought why not. Let’s give this geocaching thing a try.

I went to the official website: geocaching, to get more instructions.I downloaded the Groundspeak Geocache app for my phone (which you don’t have to have), and we were off finding caches that were nearby. It was so much fun. My kids were trying to see who could find the cache first. There was a really creative one in Laie that we needed help with. So here’s my question:

Have you ever gone geocaching? If so, what did you think of it?


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Aloha Friday – Question #2

I have a hard time with this question sometimes. I don’t just like one thing (thus the extra 40lbs I’m constantly lugging everywhere with me). It also depends on the time of day for me. For the sake of not boring you to death, I’ve narrowed my choice to dinner.

Pizza is my weakness. Who am I kidding! I have a ton of weaknesses, but pizza being one of the frontrunners. I will almost NEVER turn down pizza. I have fond pizza memories. Growing up in Tonga, there was no Pizza Hut or Dominoes (there still isn’t). If we wanted pizza, my dad made it from scratch and it was an event. It was the usual request for a birthday meal. My dad would make a special trip to town to purchase the (expensive) ingredients, come home and make pizza for our birthdays. Maybe that’s why pizza holds a special place in heart.




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Question #1

Let’s play a game. Remember when I posted about the Conversation Cards? I think we should play. Whenever I meet someone for the first time in real life, I tend to ask that person a lot of questions, mainly because I’m nosy. I figured, why leave that kind of intrusiveness for real life, let’s bring it to the blogosphere. I want to get to know you all better. I’ll play too.

So in honor of Mother’s Day Weekend, I thought we would start with this question. I’ve tweaked it a little because when we’re talking about our mothers, there should be nothing but love.

I’ll go first.

1. I love the fact that she not only birthed me, but prior to, she let me stay an extra two weeks inside her womb until I was ready. The doc said, “Mrs. Coconut, it’s time to get that baby out,” she adamantly replied, “We will do no such thing.” Such sacrifice.

2.  I love how she’s always there for me. She flew across oceans just to be with me when I took this picture. We went all out and had a huge cake to celebrate afterwards.

3. I love hanging out with her. She’s just fun.

4. I love the fact that she’s so madly in love with this guy. It’s almost sickening.

5. I love that she’s such a cool grandma! The grandkids think she’s made of awesome.

I probably should have put a limit to my list because it could go on and on. So now that you know what I love about my mom, tell me what you love about yours. It could be one thing, or it could be a list like mine. Tell me, I’d love to know.