A Halo

Have you ever had one of these?


Oh man, you’ve got to try one. It’s not just shave-ice, as we call it in Hawaii, but it’s shaved-ice kicked up a couple notches.

When my mom came in to town (hi mom!), I asked her the same question. She said no. She thought a halo was just that thing she sees above my head all the time (totally kidding). Getting a “halo” was automatically put on the things-to-do-while-I’m-in-Hawaii list for my mom.

On her last day here, we jumped in the car and headed here “Angel’s Ice Cream and Shave Ice Store”. It’s a favorite hangout here.

Here’s how this works. When you decide to have a shave-ice, you gotta be ready with your flavors. It’s an unwritten rule everywhere in Hawaii, that you can pick up to three flavors.

I tend to pick local flavors: coconut, li hing, and lilikoi. Li Hing is a powder that is sweet with a little bit of salty mixed in. My mouth is salivating right now thinking about it. Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit. If you want to taste Hawaii, those right there are your flavors my friend.

I should back up a bit. Before any ice is even put into the cup, ice-cream goes in first. I always pick vanilla.

Once the flavors are on, sweetened condensed milk is drizzled on.

And because that isn’t enough sweet goodness, this monstrously refreshing treat is crowned with whipped cream. And so it should be. The whipped cream on top of this is the kicker.

Wait a minute. Do you hear that?

It’s an angelic choir singing in the background.

While we may have kicked up the calorie count by a few thousand, by golly it was worth it. The cream and the sweetened condensed goodness on top is worth a ten mile run.

Really, this should be eaten by two people, but as you can see, my husband and I don’t agree with that serving size mumbo jumbo. We each order our own to keep the wedded bliss going between us.

If you ever are in Hawaii, on the North Shore, pay Angel’s Ice Cream a visit and ask for a Halo.

It will be the highlight of your trip.

Well. It should at least make the top ten.


Poke – pronounced “po-kay”

Most kids after school have bagel pizzas, hot pockets, popcorn, cookies and milk, or even a bowl of cereal for an afterschool snack. Here on the North Shore, the kids (and I mean elementary school age to high school), love to snack on poke (po-kay) and rice.

The supplier of this tasty meal/snack —- Kahuku Superette. This is the best place on the North Shore to buy the stuff. It’s conveniently right across the street from the local high school. This place has been around ever since I was a little girl.

When you order it from the Superette, it comes in a neat little container for your enjoyment. They even give you a fork.

The poke itself is cold. They put it over a couple of scoops of steaming hot rice. It’s the only way to eat it. Any other way would be considered sacrilegious.

The poke is made of raw tuna/ahi, green onions, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil, soy sauce, onions, garlic, ginger, and other secret ingredients I’m sure. There are many different versions of it. This one obviously is the shoyu version. They also sell a limu (seaweed) version. There’s also a spicy version. My favorite is the salmon poke.

I felt it was my duty to tell you about poke. I felt that it wouldn’t have been right not to have a visual. I also felt that for quality control, I had to eat this poke and rice. It is my duty to also say that this container of poke and rice was as good as I’ve been preaching.

Goodness knows you will not get the full experience of Hawaii if you don’t try this. If you’re into eating raw fish, you’ve gotta try this. It’s what we call “broke da mout” good!

On My Way to Walmart Series: Ted’s Bakery – Ono Kine Grindz

Ted’s Bakery is a little well known bakery on the North Shore. I’m tortured every time I make a run to Walmart because I have to pass by this yummy bakery not just one the way, but on the way back.

This is not your fancy bistro. It’s one of those mom and pop type shops. That of course means the food is so ono-licious!

It may not be fancy, but they do require the basics when you decide to come calling, like clothes. Yup, you heard me. You do need to wear clothing when you come. As a frequent patron of Ted’s Bakery, I must say that I do appreciate this sign. I had to stand in line one day, and in front of me was a teeny surfer girl, who just came from the beach, standing there in her bikini. It was a small bikini. A very small bikini. Not nearly enough to cover her hiney.

Hiney aside, this is what Ted’s Bakery is well known for, their pies! You can find them in almost all the local grocery stores, but those are just the basics. If you want a plethora of choices, you need to drive down to the source of all this pie madness. On this day, I went with Strawberry Cream, Pineapple Cheese (as in cheesecake), and the classic Chocolate Mac Nut (that’s macadamia nut). During Thanksgiving, they have an awesome Pumpkin Cream Pie.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bakery without other baked goods. Here, let’s take a closer look.

Cinnamon rolls, cookies, cupcakes. They’re all insanely yummy!

This is where it all goes down. These doughnuts are the best in the world. Truly. Second to none. And yes, I’ve had many a doughnuts. My hips are proof of that. These are melt-in-your-mouth good doughnuts! (Sluuuuuurp) Sorry, that was my drool.

They serve other foods as well. So many it’s hard to choose.

Anyone who’s anyone on the North Shore pays Ted’s Bakery a visit. They leave their mark. Pro-surfers and the like.  These surf boards are up high above the pies. Ted was smart to do that, because I don’t know if he would appreciate me as much leaving my mark. Maybe if I brought my own surfboard.