My name is Malie (ma-lee-ay). I know, it’s hard one to say. I get it all the time. It just takes a little practice.


This is me.

I’m a girl from the South Pacific, now living in the desert. Total opposite worlds, but I love it. Originally, I grew up on a little island known as the Kingdom of Tonga. And yes. It really is a Kingdom. What was it like growing up there? There wasn’t much to do, but I had the best time. I share some of my fun memories growing up there.

You’re scratching you’re head saying, “Are you sure you’re Tongan?”  Well, when you get two crazy kids like these:

These are my parents

You come out with a crazy mixture like this:

Growing up, I was a coconut.  My maiden name was Niu, which in English literally translates to “COCONUT”. Did I get teased all my life because of that name? You bet your coconuts I did. But I am who I am and have decided to just embrace it. Be one with the coconut I say.

Then I grew up, traded Tonga for college in Hawaii,  and met and married this wonderful man.


He’s my BFF, literally. He has a website too, LatterDaySports.com (if you’re interested in sports. It has cool interviews, sports stats, etc.).

Together, we had our own set of coconuts.

We’ve gone back and forth with making our homes between Hawaii and Arizona. Such a tough choice, but I think we’ve finally settled on Arizona . . . this time . . . I think.

The first time living here, is when I developed my love cooking. My dad’s laughing at this part. I wasn’t known for cooking in my house. In fact, my parents have this “lasagna” story about me. Maybe I’ll post it one day. I am an avid recipe collector, and my family loves it when I try a new one. KITCHEN CREATIONS is where you’ll find my experiments. I promise to only share the good ones.

It was in AZ that I had learned to love running. I’m hoping that now that I’m back, my ability to run for miles will make a come back of its own, along with a skinnier waistline. GETTIN’ FIT is where you will find my journey with this.

There are so many other things I love and want to share, from fashion to restaurants, to gadgets to music. If you’re interested, check out what I LIKE.

On top of everything else, my religion is important and you can read more about the LDS faith here. But I’m always busy with responsibilities. I’m forever coming up with ideas for whatever I’m asked to do. If you need ideas then check out MY FAITH.

In my DAILY LIFE, i share my thoughts, memories and whatever else comes to my mind, hoping that it will help uplift and entertain.

This website was created to . . . well, . . . it was created to share with you. Hope you like it.

(tap, tap. Hello? Anyone there?)