My Solution to Posters

One of the hard things about being a primary chorister is where do you put all the visuals that you make, especially  if it’s a huge poster board. If you’re like me, you throw them behind the piano, and if you’re baby doesn’t touch them, they should be good the next time you need it. Right. That of course only happens in my perfect world.

I happen to come upon this idea by accident, so I don’t think I will buy poster board for a long time.

So here’s a visual that I did for last month when we were talking about how Noah and his ark and choosing the right. Well, it was actually Sunday morning and I realized that I didn’t buy any poster board. So I grabbed 6 cardstock pieces of paper and got to work.

This is the back. I just taped all the pieces of paper together and drew on the other side as if it was one large POSTER BOARD. Can you tell that I just think this idea is genius. Hang on. That’s not the best part.

The best part is when it comes time to put it away.

I just fold it up  as you can see above.  Isn’t that awesome. At the end there, I just stick that picture of Noah’s family in side.

I end up with the whole board folded down to 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I file it away for the next time that I need it.

One Response to “My Solution to Posters”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Nice!!! I will have to use this from now on.. I always wonder what I am going to do with the poster baords when I am done with them..

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