After a Storm

The beaches in Hawaii are beautiful and fun to swim at. After a storm, they do tend to look a little different. When it does rain, we are always mindful of not swimming right away because the water turns brown from the runoff coming down from the mountains. When we went to the beach last week, we forgot about the sticks that usually wash up on shore.

It is kind of a sight because you can see it all along the shore. These tourists are probably wondering why it doesn’t look like the brochures.

The sticks on the shore just gave my coconuts something else to do besides swimming. Can we say “FORT CITY”?!

I mean really, what kid wouldn’t love an endless supply of sticks.

My kid got to diggin’ and built himself a roof over his head. Guess which kid would be the last man standing on Survivor.

Even my oldest couldn’t resist the sticks.

So if you’re ever visiting the islands for the first time, and it’s storming, don’t be surprised by the debris on the shore. Remember “If Life Hands You Sticks, Build a Fort.”

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