Tie-Dye Cupcakes, Groovy Man

Aren’t these just cool man. My daughter was looking up a treat to make for our family night. She came across a recipe by Sandra Lee. Although her semi-homemade creation called for some tweaking to the cake box recipe, I thought you could simplify it even more by minusing the tweaking. If you have a WHITE CAKE MIX handy, along with some FOOD COLORING, you’re ready. I skipped a step-by-step for the mixing the cake mix (didn’t want to bore you with that), and just went straight for the tie-dye part.

After scooping in some batter into the cupcake tin, you just put a dropper of whatever food coloring you want.

My daughter had fun mixing up the colors. After dropping in the colors you want, just swirl it with whatever’s handy. A toothpick is probably the easiest thing to use in this case. In other cases – no. Pop ‘em into the oven until your timer goes off.

Soooooo pretty. We stood and stared at these things for a good minute when they were done.

We couldn’t stop staring at them. They’re a little mesmerizing.

My daughter was so proud of them that she didn’t want to put frosting on them. Rightfully so.

My other daughter was requesting me to make these for her birthday.

We thought these cupcakes were so awesome that we made more.

The skill level for these is much easier than “easy-peasy”, that I don’t even think it needs a recipe. Have fun!


7 Responses to “Tie-Dye Cupcakes, Groovy Man”

  1. Grandma Jena says:

    wow you Sasaki girls are pretty creative! I’m impressed…and I’m gonna try them out on Grandpa

  2. The Other Sasaki Girl says:

    Hi, Sasaki’s,
    It’s me, The Other Sasaki Girl! I just visited your website, and I LOVE IT! I was mesmerized by the beautiful cupcakes, too! And I think I’m gonna make it right now…
    Bye! Love y’all! See ya soon…

  3. I’ve been trying for 2 days now to pin this and it gives me a 500 error. :(

    • Malie says:

      Sorry about that. I’ll check on that. I think, however, in the mean time, if you have the pinterest icon on your tool bar, you can pin that way.

  4. lynda says:

    Hi – can you still buy those icing coloring dropper things in the States? My mum had one in the UK years ago but you can’t get them here. I’m visiting NYC soon and thought I might find them. Do you know if it’s possible? (can’t even find them on the internet so maybe they used to be your mom’s!?)

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